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Homeowners insurance provides protection for your owner occupied home and belongings against loss due to fire, theft, vandalism and weather related incidents such as wind, hail and lightning. Liability coverage is also provided to protect you from claims resulting from injuries sustained by a person while on the property covered by the policy.


A condominium policy is a specialized homeowners policy written to cover your ownership interest in a condominium unit.  Just like a regular homeowner policy it provides coverage for your interest in the physical building, your belongings and your personal liability.


Renters can also insure personal belongings and have protection against personal liability. Like homeowners insurance, it covers your personal belongings in the event of a fire or theft loss and provides liability coverage in the event of injury or damage caused to other people.


Dwellings that do not qualify for a homeowners policy, such as a single-family house occupied by your tenant, can by insured by a dwelling fire policy.  Coverages for your furniture in the dwelling you’re your landlord liability can be provided as well.


A personal umbrella policy extends the coverage limits provided by a homeowner or personal auto policy.  It also covers other forms of liability that are not ordinarily covered such as libel and slander.


Homeowners Insurance does not cover damage cause by floods.  To protect your home against floods, a separate flood policy is necessary. Flood insurance may be required your mortgage lender.